I am so unbelievably excited to be going to London on Tuesday. It would be the first time i have ever been and i plan to take LOTS of photographs. Of course i am going to see all the main landmarks, as its something i have always wanted to do, and sometimes just seeing them on TV or on photos just isn't enough ( especially for me). It is most probably going to rain but im not going to let that dampen my mood!
I am currently working on creating wine bottle labels for one of my projects. As this is something i have never done before, its a bit of a challenge and quite enjoyable in doing this task. I am currently in the development stages but i will put the work up as soon as they are finished!
I have so many projects on the go i don't know which one to start first! Life is so stressful, oh to a be a kid again when life was more simpler and nothing mattered!!
I visited Heeley city farm in Sheffield, mainly to take photographs of the various farm animals but also due to the fact that my love for animals took over! I had such an enjoyable day and the animals were surprising friendly, i even got the opportunity to stroke a bird of prey. I will have to go again!
Currently loving the weather, im a winter baby so im like a little child when i see the snow. I just wish there would be much more of it. There is nothing worse than finding out that your home town has 3 x as much snow as Huddersfield. Part of it makes me want to go home but then i know i wouldn't be able to get back! Oh well i hope more snow is on the way.
I'm gonna be entering a few competitions soon, one of them includes the BBC wildlife competition in with first prize is a safari to do some art work! How fantastic would that be? Im not hoping for much but im gonna give it a shot anyways as i never know whats in store!
As you can imagine, i am extremely excited to see my work up on Buisness Boom collective website! I am so glad that they have given me this opportunity and i hope it gets me a bit more noticed among the young creatives out there. Heres the link if you want a browse!  http://businessboomcollective.com/0109/melissa-rose/ 
For the month i have been in the progress of creating a scroll for one of my university projects, i have stressed about it for ages and had lows and highs with it but FINALLY it is nearing completion! I am going to upload on my site once it is complete so you can see how far i have come with it. It was a challenge but totally worth it.
Well we are still here, so the Mayans created the biggest practical joke ever apparently! Oh well it doesn't bother me that we live another day in fact im glad that i can have a Christmas this year haha. Bring on the New year!
Had a guest lecturer in today, and illustrator called Andrew Foster. I really enjoyed the lecture, his work was quite astounding and gritty in nature and topic. I like the fact that his work is extremely personal to him and his family life and the fact that he is so open about his past circumstances and feels it necessary to express this in this illustrations. He is a real inspiration and one of the things he said that really hit home was 'You need to have fun doing illustration otherwise it becomes boring, there is no point drawing if you don't enjoy it'. so true!


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