Currently loving the weather, im a winter baby so im like a little child when i see the snow. I just wish there would be much more of it. There is nothing worse than finding out that your home town has 3 x as much snow as Huddersfield. Part of it makes me want to go home but then i know i wouldn't be able to get back! Oh well i hope more snow is on the way.
I'm gonna be entering a few competitions soon, one of them includes the BBC wildlife competition in with first prize is a safari to do some art work! How fantastic would that be? Im not hoping for much but im gonna give it a shot anyways as i never know whats in store!
As you can imagine, i am extremely excited to see my work up on Buisness Boom collective website! I am so glad that they have given me this opportunity and i hope it gets me a bit more noticed among the young creatives out there. Heres the link if you want a browse! 
For the month i have been in the progress of creating a scroll for one of my university projects, i have stressed about it for ages and had lows and highs with it but FINALLY it is nearing completion! I am going to upload on my site once it is complete so you can see how far i have come with it. It was a challenge but totally worth it.


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